Raising the profile of our environment
Communicating science and scholarship
Informing conversations within our society


Inspiring others to adventure
Facilitating access to nature
Exploring human/nature relationships


We exist

To connect people with nature and lead a positive shift in the way Australians value the natural world, for the benefit of both people and the environment.


We do this

Facilitating people’s access to nature
Promoting ecological knowledge within our community
Encouraging public appreciation of the natural world
Supporting like-minded initiatives


It looks like

Community engagement
Nature connection consultation
Original research
Targeted projects and initiatives

Nature needs us

Connecting For Our Environment

“People who don’t know, don’t care. What is the extinction of the condor to a child who has never known a wren?” – Robert Pyle

In our modern lives we are increasingly removed from nature. We spend more time indoors than ever before, and fewer of us live in rural or ‘country’ areas. Most of us do not farm our own food or even garden around our homes, and the urban areas in which we tend to live are increasingly devoid of biodiversity.

Some scientists have dubbed this decline in our exposure to nature as the ‘extinction of experience’ and have pointed out its unfortunate and pervasive repercussions. You see, as we lose touch with the natural world, we inevitably lose our emotional connections to it. As a consequence we stop caring for and preserving our local environment, and in turn we lose our natural places and the species that call them home.

Remember The Wild seeks to bring our experiences of the natural world back from the brink of extinction. We will reconnect our communities with nature, and in doing so, we will help people remember why the wild matters.

We need nature

Connecting for our Health

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.”  – Edward O. Wilson

Connecting with nature is not only important to motivate greater environmental conservation and ultimately preserve our species and the resources on which we rely. It is also essential to lead a good life, in the here and now.

Increasingly, science is demonstrating that the benefits of nature for our mental and physical wellbeing are profound and far-reaching. Reduced depression, anxiety, aggression and symptoms of ADHD. Improved mood, concentration, immune health, and feelings of fulfilment – the list goes on. There are even a range of social and family benefits that nature can provide.

Recognising this, Remember The Wild is dedicated to improving public access to nature and informing people of the health benefits of time spent in ‘greenspace’.  In strengthening people’s connection with nature we will also strengthen the health and resilience of our broader community.

Our Work