Remember The Wild is Australia's first nature engagement charity.

we exist.

To connect people with nature and lead a positive shift in the way Australians value the
natural world, for the benefit of both people and the environment.


we do this.

Facilitating people’s access to nature
Promoting ecological knowledge within our community
Encouraging public appreciation of the natural world
Supporting like-minded initiatives


it looks like.

Community engagement
Guided experiences
Targeted projects

Remembering The Wild

We think nature is pretty important. That’s why our mission is to connect people with the natural world. This is because we recognise that in order to protect and preserve our environment and its biodiversity, our society needs to appreciate these things first. Only when people care will they feel motivated to act, and to care people must first connect.

We also appreciate the important role nature can play in promoting human health and wellbeing, and we seek to help the broader community explore some of these potential benefits.

When we talk about connection, we are talking about something more than mere understanding. It’s not so much what people think that matters, but how they feel. Our charity recognises that people are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to caring for nature and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to connecting with it: individuals matter. This is why Remember The Wild embraces diversity and flexibility in our approach. We employ a wide variety of methods to engage people within our community with the natural world, using everything from digital media to on-ground projects. Above all else, we like to tell stories that resonate with people, and we invite others to share their stories with us. It is our hope that through giving people the tools and motivation they need to connect with nature, we might contribute to a positive shift in the way our society values the natural world – both for its intrinsic beauty and complexity, and its role in our wellbeing.

In other words, we hope to inform so that you might explore.

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