Promoting the natural world and those working with it


One of our main goals as an organisation is to tell the often unheard stories of those working so hard to conserve nature. We want to uncover these stories and celebrate the people, groups and organisations without whom our plants and animals would be even worse off.

Some of our promotional work includes:

  • Written & graphic content creation
  • Digital marketing
  • Video production

Unlocking connections with the natural world


We want to unlock the wonder and beauty of the natural world for everyone. Through exploring our understanding of the natural world and our relationship with it, Remember The Wild’s educational services aim to inspire individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Some of this work includes:

  • Professional development
  • Customised education programs
  • Place making (environmental interpretation)

Getting outside to discover the wild


We travel far and wide, documenting our experiences along the way to encourage people to get outside and discover the wild. There is an amazing array of benefits to be gained from experiencing nature, and we target our content to show that.

Work we’re currently developing:

  • Outdoor gear reviews
  • Ecotours & day walks
  • Travel guides for self-discovery

We Get It

Our team’s science and conservation training means we’ll tell your story in an engaging manner, but also get the facts right.

We're Charitable

We’re a registered charity, so any funds we receive go towards our broader work within the community and won’t end up lining our pockets.

We're Driven

Youthful energy can go a long way when you’re hiking a mountain or diving off the coast, but it’s also handy for designing and delivering engaging content.

We're About Relationships

We see our clients as collaborators, so working with us is a partnership and one we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

We Have A Great Audience

We’ve spent years building an audience interested in nature-related content. If you need to reach people who are passionate about the environment, we’re the channel for you.
People We've Worked With

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We love hearing about projects that align with our goals of inspiring and fostering connections with nature. If you’ve got an idea you’d like to explore with us, or want us to provide a quote for something, please get in touch!

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