Join our ecosystem – become a Friend of The Wild!

Help others remember the wild. Be it far from home or in our own backyards, outdoors, indoors, online, or on the mind – our relationship with nature has never been more important.

With your support, you can be part of a movement to change how people value and appreciate our living world!

By making a small regular gift you can help:

  • Share regular nature-based activities for the community to enjoy
  • Create entertaining and informative podcasts and documentaries about nature
  • Help local environmental groups to grow through our community conservationists project
  • Foster nature conservation through shared experiences
  • Contribute to environmental science
  • Develop partnerships that highlight the importance of nature in our lives

Help people experience and appreciate nature around them for as little as $5 a month – that’s the cost of a cuppa!

We are all part of a rich ecosystem and have a part to play in keeping it healthy. As a Friend of The Wild you may identify with one or more of the following feature creatures, trees and fungi that play a big part in our world.

We’d love to know what role you see yourself playing and we’ll get in touch with you about different ways you can get involved in creating more opportunities for others to enjoy nature as you do.

Please make a donation and choose a role to play in our ecosystem!


You like what we produce and enjoy digesting it down to every detail. What’s more, is that like a Pixie’s Parasol Mushroom, you love sharing our work with others in an intricate web of marvellous connections.


You’re a provider, and a protector at that, offering shelter to many. Like a mighty Mountain Ash you nourish our ecosystem on a grand scale, and through your support help us to protect others.


Like a New Holland Honeyeater, you’re an active and vocal member of our ecosystem. You’re all about sharing our work and creating new relationships. As a pollinator, you’re committed to helping seed new supporters!


You’re here to enjoy the fruits of our work – you’re as free and fanciful as a Sugar Glider. You like what we produce and want more of what you’ve devoured! You might even inadvertently share a few of these morsels with others!

Be an important part of our movement creating change to show why the wild matters!

As a thank you for your support you will receive:
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • An ecosystem identity
  • Invites to events
  • Supporter report
  • Bumper (or bike!) sticker
  • Access to special content (behind the scenes footage)
  • Special offers through our project partners
  • The opportunity to have your say on what we do and who we do it with

If you would prefer to make a once off donation, you can go through our donations page.