Casting wildlife: bringing nature to your ears

Casting wildlife: bringing nature to your ears

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re partnering with Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) to develop a podcast series – Habitat – all about Aussie wildlife.

Australia is world-famous for its unique and extraordinary birds, mammals, and reptiles. The first season of Habitat will be devoted to telling the stories of six different species and the people who love and study them.

Using engaging storytelling techniques pioneered by podcasts like Radiolab, some of the themes the podcast will cover include:

  • The complex relationships between animals, people, and larger ecosystems
  • Conservation efforts and what modern science is discovering about different species
  • Indigenous relationships with Australian fauna
  • Australian fauna in literature and art
  • How Australian fauna has changed global perceptions and understandings of ecology and evolution
  • The role of wildlife in shaping perceptions of Australia internationally

Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes long and anchored by a narrator. Habitat will be apolitical, family-friendly, and focussed on celebrating nature and storytelling.

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