Diamond Bay

Diamond Bay

Strong currents make Diamond Bay unadvisable for beginners, but for experienced divers Diamond Bay provides an exciting underwater playground.


Image: Evatt Chirgwin

Located about an hour and a half out of Melbourne on the Sorrento back beach, Diamond Bay offers an exciting underwater terrain for divers and snorkelers who are looking for something more challenging than shore dives within the bay.

Though Diamond bay is one of the more protected areas of the Peninsula back beaches, the fact that it is located outside the bay and exposed to open ocean means that it is subjected to large swell and strong winds, and is only possible to enjoy safely on days where the swell is low.

Note that even with good conditions rips and strong currents are still present. Those lucky enough to  visit Diamond Bay when the swell is low and the wind is light will be rewarded with a rocky reef habitat with red algae species and brown kelp making for a spectacular underwater tertian, which can get to an excess of 10m at high tide.

In addition to the stunning terrain, Diamond bay also hosts a range of underwater fauna such as cat sharks, rays, boarfish, crayfish, and various species of school fish.

Image: Evatt Chirgwin
Image: Evatt Chirgwin

Level of Difficulty

Easy of Accessibility



Overall Rating


  1. Exciting and beautiful underwater terrain

  2. The presences of small sharks and large rays

  3. Good for diving with depths getting to 10m

  4. Challenging shore dive that should only be attempted with appropriate experience and under safe conditions.


Banner image courtesy of Evatt Chirgwin.


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