Flinders Pier

Flinders Pier

Flinders Pier is an iconic Victorian dive site. Lush fields of seagrass provide a home to a variety of fauna, including the stunning Weedy Sea Dragon.

Image: Evatt Chirgwin

Just over an hour’s drive south from Melbourne with an easily accessible car park positioned right of the pier, Flinders Pier is perfect for a day trip out of Melbourne.

Located in a protected pocket of the Mornington Peninsula coast, the waters around Flinders Pier are accessible under most weather conditions, although it’s best dived on a northerly winds below 20 knots on an outgoing tide, and best avoided when strong southeast winds are present.

Maximum depth across the pier is 7 metres, though interesting flora and fauna can still be found at shallower depths of 1 to 3 metres, making this an enjoyable site for snorkelers and divers alike.

Image: Evatt Chirgwin

Most people come to Flinders in search of the Weedy Sea Dragon, and for good reason; Flinders is arguably the easiest place in the world to find one of Australia’s most iconic marine creatures.

Whilst Weedy Sea dragons may be the main attraction, a wide range of marine fauna can be found here, such as cuttlefish, rays, banjo sharks, crabs and various fish species.

Wild Melbourne crew member, Christopher McCormack, gets a close encounter with a graceful Weedy Seadragon. Image: Evatt Chirgwin


  • Home of a large Weedy Sea Dragon population
  • Lush seagrass beds
  • Great areas for either snorkelling or diving
  • Easy access from carpark


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Banner images courtesy of Evatt Chirgwin.

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