Livingstone Island Nature Walk

Livingstone Island Nature Walk

Located in Nelson in south-west Victoria, this serene walk leads to a boardwalk through saltmarshes and a bird hide. It offers nice views of Lake Oxbow and allows bush walkers to spot kangaroos, a variety of birds and wildflowers.

The south-western part of Victoria has a lot to offer bushwalkers and outdoor enthusiasts, including the South West Great Walk. The scenic tracks that surround the Glenelg River in both the Lower Glenelg National Park and Cobboboonee National Park make a trip to the area well worth it.

The view from the lookout. Image: Elodie Camprasse

Visitors who stay in the small and picturesque town of Nelson, a few kilometres from the border with South Australia, enjoy sheltered swimming along the shore of Oxbow Lake and at the mouth of the Glenelg River, sandy beaches and river cruises. Bushwalkers who like areas slightly off the beaten tracks, or are pressed for time will also enjoy the Livingstone Island Nature Walk.

Parking is available at the end of Beach Road, next to Estuary Beach, about four kilometres from the visitor centre. A sign indicates the beginning of the walk, which starts with a wide grass track that’s easy to navigate. Here, shy kangaroos take off on approach and disappear into the bushes. Along the track, a vegetation typical of coastal areas grows, including Coast Wattle, Coast Beard-Heath, and Beaded Glasswort.

A boardwalk takes the walker through saltmarshes, which a variety of amphibians and waterbirds call home. North of the boardwalk, a lookout allows visitors to have a better view over the lake and the birds resting in the shallows and on the sandbars. About halfway through the walk, keen birders can stop for a sneak peek of Oxbow Lake’s birdlife, and spot a variety of birds, including swans, herons, ducks, and pelicans.

The bird hide along the boardwalk. Image: Elodie Camprasse

Altogether, the walk is about three kilometres in length and takes about an hour to complete, and is even more spectacular at sunset. Although there are steps to reach the boardwalk and a few inclines and declines on the way, overall this walk can be considered mostly easy. In spring and summer, visitors will marvel at the variety of butterflies wandering from wildflower to wildflower, and the beautiful lilies and orchids lining the path.

A hyacinth orchid. Image: Elodie Camprasse


  • Located in Nelson, at the mouth of the Glenelg River
  • Lake Oxbow views
  • Boardwalk through saltmarshes
  • Bring your binoculars and go down to the bird hide to spot a variety of waterbirds
  • Bring your camera to snap butterflies and wildflowers in spring and summer






Banner image courtesy of Elodie Camprasse.


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