Main Ridge to Cape Schanck

Main Ridge to Cape Schanck

This is for those looking for a long distance adventure through some of the most diverse vegetation and impressive scenery on the Peninsula! This approximately 17-kilometre walk is a significant portion of the Two Bays Walking Track, which covers Dromana via Arthur’s seat to Cape Schanck. Located in Greens Bush, only 90 kilometres from Melbourne, and amongst Mornington Peninsula National Park – one of the most highly rated National Parks – you are sure to enjoy this splendour!

Close to Melbourne, this walk and sections of this track are perfect for a day trip or to do on a weekend away from the hustle and bustle. The walk takes you through peaceful eucalypt, temperate tree fern and grass tree forests with areas of open grasslands, ending with coastal scrublands and remarkable cliffs for as far as the eye can see.

This coastal expanse is home to the largest species of Banksia in Victoria, contributing to the area’s vast biodiversity. You will often spot eastern grey kangaroos near the coast in the morning and evening. If you have the energy or wish to come back, I highly suggest taking a stroll down to Bushranger’s Bay to have a picnic and/or explore the rock pools and shelves in low tide.

Tucked away within Greens Bush, the largest remaining bushland expanse on the Peninsula, you will come across abundant wildlife, especially birds. Keep an eye out for honeyeaters, parrots, wrens, wedge-tailed eagles and black-shouldered kites. The native grass trees are also a particularly striking attraction of this area – some of the taller ones are over 200 years old.

Image: Juliet Israel

Specifics: The walk is moderate to difficult. It is best to carry a printed map, as there are a few options along the way and phone reception is not always available. Pack first aid, food and water supplies, and ensure your plan, park safety and weather conditions beforehand. Depending on your group’s pace, the walk could take anywhere from around 4.5 to 6.5 hours. You will need at least one car and a driver to pick you up or two cars (one at both ends of the track). This walk begins at the junction of Browns and Hyslops Roads, Rosebud.  From here, you walk towards Limestone Rd where you will find an entry point to the National Park. Keep following tracks southeast until you come across Baldry’s Crossing Walking Track. This is where you start walking into Greens Bush. From here, follow your map and the markers towards Bushranger’s Bay and/or Cape Schanck. Eventually you will meet Rosebud Flinders Road. If your plan is to continue to Cape Schanck, start the Bushranger’s Bay Track (south side of this Road), which extends around to Cape Schanck Lighthouse, the end point.

This expedition can be explored all year round; however, it is best to avoid particularly hot or windy weather.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a nature enthusiast, anyone is bound to enjoy this hidden gem with family and friends!

For more information, please contact Parks Victoria on 13 19 63.



1. Diverse vegetation and spectacular scenery
2. Moderate to difficult (17 km, 4.5 – 6.5 hours)
3. Greens Bush is the largest remaining bushland expanse on the Mornington Peninsula
4. Abundant birdlife, grass trees, rock cliffs and kangaroos
5. Contact Parks Victoria for more information







Banner image courtesy of Juliet Israel.

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