Maroondah Reservoir

Maroondah Reservoir

Known for its monumental landscapes, Maroondah Reservoir Park promises spectacular views overlooking a most impressive 22, 000 megalitre reservoir that flows over the dam spillway into the gorgeous Watts River. Teeming with native wildlife, the surrounding eucalypt forests sport ideal walking tracks for the keen wildlife enthusiast.

Located in the heart of Healesville, just over an hour’s drive from the northern suburbs of Victoria, lies a local favourite: Maroondah Reservoir Park. Heavily based on and around Watts River, the park boasts a diverse range of native flora and fauna, as well as spectacular views of the dam itself.

You will be given the choice of four walking tracks at the information shelter, located north of the main car park area. We chose to walk the Lookout Track and completed our stay with the Maroondah Forest Track.

Lookout Track ~ 30 minutes

From the information shelter, I suggest you first explore the exquisitely landscaped gardens lined with both native and exotic trees. Native birds thrive in these historical gardens, so keep a keen eye out and listen carefully. Before heading towards the top of the dam wall, visit the spillway viewing platform to appreciate the beauty of Watts River and the force of water exiting the dam. From here you can climb the famous Rose Stairway consisting of 84 steps, leading you to the very top of the dam wall. If you are unable to climb the stairs, there is a bitumen walking track at the eastern end of the car park, leading you to the same destination.

Once you reach the top of the 41-metre high dam wall, you are presented with breathtaking views of the 22, 000 megalitre Maroondah Reservoir with densely forested mountains in the background. Constructed in 1920 and completed in 1927, the reservoir has since been an important source of potable water for Greater Metropolitan Melbourne. The dam wall walk eventually ends at a clearing where there is a lookout that boasts stunning views of the entire dam, the dam wall and the surrounding forests

Image: Tanya Rajapaske

Maroonda Forest Track ~ 15-30 minutes

From the lookout clearing, the Maroondah Forest Track leads you through a pleasant native forest walk back down to Henderson’s Picnic Area (located near the car park). Time spent on this track can really vary depending on an individual’s interests. This densely forested walk is lined with native pines, wattles, eucalypts and tree ferns. Home to many Australian mammals and bird life, this walk is best taken slowly and quietly. Once you are tuned in to the distinct sounds of the forest, you will be delighted with what you hear. On our walk, we spotted a swamp wallaby who had lost its footing and gone tumbling into the scrub below. We saw sulphur-crested cockatoos, crimson rosellas, Australian white ibis and bronzewings. Plenty of kookaburra calls could be heard, although the birds themselves were not seen.

This moderate walk is a gem for those who are fond of native plants, which are heavily distributed the deeper you get into the walk and reminiscent of a tropical rainforest. Just before the end of the track is a small bridge that leads you over a quiet section of Watts River. This is an absolutely stunning spot to take in the sights and sounds of the river and surrounding forest – a perfect treat before you set off in your car to discover more of what Healesville has to offer! 

Image: Tanya Rajapaske


  1. Spectacular views
  2. Dense native vegetation
  3. Array of native fauna
  4. Historical landmark

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Banner image courtesy of Tanya Rajapaske.

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