Portsea Pier

Portsea Pier

Easy accessibility and a high diversity of marine life has made Portsea pier one of the most popular dive spots around Melbourne, particularly for beginners.

Image: Evatt Chirgwin

An hour and a half out of Melbourne’s CBD, Portsea pier is located right next to Portsea’s town centre and best dived on a weak southerly wind.

Shallow sea grass beds and kelp gardens on the west side of the pier are accessible to snorkellers, but with depths getting to 5 metres towards the end of the pier, the area is also a great dive spot – particularly for beginners.

The area hosts a diverse range of marine fauna such as weedy sea dragons, smooth stingrays, banjo sharks, leather jackets, and the occasional wobbegong.

Colourful sponges growing on the pier pylons provided an ideal habitat for crabs and blennies as well as several species of nudibranchs including the impressive Verco’s Nudibranch.

It’s important to note that during the summer months the area can be busy with boat traffic, predominately on the east side of the pier, so appropriate awareness is necessary whilst using the area.

Furthermore, due to Portsea’s close proximity to Port Phillip heads, Portsea can be subject to strong surges.


  •   Great easy scuba dive for beginners
  •   Great for snorkelling
  •   Sea grass bed and kelp gardens
  •   Home to Weedy Sea Dragons
  •   Easy access from  car park
  •   Busy during summer months
  •   Can be subjected to strong surges


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Banner image courtesy of Evatt Chirgwin.

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