Connected to Port Phillip

Connected to Port Phillip

Port Phillip Bay is special and this is why millions of people choose to call it home. However, as more and more of us choose to live around the Bay we are putting increasing pressure on its environment. We each need to have a better understanding and appreciation of the Bay and its connected waterways so that we can protect it now and into the future. Because, if we don’t look after the Bay, it can’t look after us.

This initiative, brought to you by Remember The Wild and our dedicated partners, aims to inspire new and stronger connections with this extraordinary ecosystem as well as support those who work hard to look after it.

By telling stories of its unique cultural heritage and amazing wildlife, we aim to help people in our community better understand and care for Port Phillip Bay. We will also be hosting summer festivals to celebrate our shared love of the Bay and working with local businesses to ensure it has a happy and healthy future.

Visit the Connected to Port Phillip website here.

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