Look at Me Podcast

Look at Me Podcast

Tune in to our new podcast celebrating lesser known Aussie animals.

Produced with The Guardian Australia and co-hosted by Benjamin Law, Look at Me brings weird and wonderful wildlife right to your ears.

Kangaroos and koalas are awesome – no denying that – but there are so many other amazing Australian animals worthy of our attention. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Guardian Australia to produce this six-part series all about the underappreciated creatures that make our continent unique.

Finally getting their time in the spotlight on Look at Me are: the Giant Australian Cuttlefish, the Plains-wanderer, the Blue-banded Bee, the Marsupial Mole, the Giant Gippsland Earthworm and the Mountain Pygmy Possum. Never heard of these creatures? Well, that’s sort of the idea.

Supported by the Australian Conservation Foundation, and co-hosted by Benjamin Law alongside our very own Chris McCormack, this podcast promises to introduce listeners to a brave new world of zoological delights.

Now, Ben loves animals, but he wouldn’t know a goanna from a gecko. That’s why The Guardian sat him down with our Managing Director to learn about the world beyond his Sydney apartment.


Jokes aside, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ben and The Guardian to bring this podcast to life. A huge thanks to ACF for their support on this project. You can listen in at The Guardian Australia or wherever you get your podcasts.

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