Whether in the ponderous form of a River Red Gum or the towering majesty of a Mountain Ash, eucalypts define the character of the Australian bush. No other tree is so synonymous with the nature of our continent. Remember The Wild is proud to present Eucalypt – a five-part documentary series about these essential trees.

The Eucalypt series explores these trees’ evolution and ecology, their intimate connection with Indigenous Australians, their role in art and craftsmanship, and their future in a changing world. 

These films tell the story of the tree and the continent that shaped one another. Watch Eucalypt, and rediscover an Australian icon.

View all 5 episodes below!

Episode 1


What made the eucalypt the success story it is today? In Taking Root, we discover the evolutionary origins of this tree in ancient Gondwana, and what made this species so well placed to conquer the modern Australian continent – from the snowy alpine through to the central desert.

Episode 2


Over the course of a eucalypt’s lifetime – a lifetime that can last centuries – a single tree will provide food and shelter for thousands upon thousands of other lifeforms. This episode looks at the unique challenges faced by a eucaypt in its journey from seed to sapling to giant, and the survival strategies and relationships it develops with other species along the way.

Episode 3


The Indigenous peoples of Australia have formed complex and sacred connections with eucalypts over tens of thousands of years. In their own words, Aboriginal Australians speak personally to the vital role these trees continue to play in their ancient cultures.

Episode 4


How are modern Australians beginning to reevaluate Eucalypts? In this episode, we trace European Australia’s destructive history with eucalypts through to the shifts in attitude towards these trees being led by artists and craftspeople.

Episode 5


What does the future of Eucalypts look like in Australia? The long-term survivability of many eucalypt species is threatened by climate change. As a species with the power to change the geology and ecosystems of the planet, humans will be responsible for deciding the fate of these trees.

The Eucalypt film series was generously supported by Eucalypt Australia.