Tune in to our new podcast celebrating lesser known Aussie animals.

Produced with The Guardian Australia and co-hosted by Benjamin Law, Look at Me brings weird and wonderful wildlife right to your ears.

Kangaroos and koalas are awesome – no denying that – but there are so many other amazing Australian animals worthy of our attention. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Guardian Australia to produce this six-part series all about the underappreciated creatures that make our continent unique.

Finally getting their time in the spotlight on Look at Me are: the Giant Australian Cuttlefish, the Plains-wanderer, the Blue-banded Bee, the Marsupial Mole, the Giant Gippsland Earthworm and the Mountain Pygmy Possum. Never heard of these creatures? Well, that’s sort of the idea.

Supported by the Australian Conservation Foundation, and co-hosted by Benjamin Law alongside our very own Chris McCormack, this podcast promises to introduce listeners to a brave new world of zoological delights.


Episode 1

The amazing life and death of the ocean’s greatest camouflage expert

Once a year in freezing cold winter waters, a gathering happens off the coast of South Australia…

Episode 2

Number one on death row: saving the phantom of the plains

In episode two of Guardian Australia’s Look at Me podcast, we head to the south eastern plains of Australia – home to one of the rarest birds in the world…

Episode 3

The mind-blowing life of the gateway bee

When you think about bees you probably thinking about honey, hives and yellow and black stripes, but these traits aren’t present in the majority of Australian bees…

Episode 4

Searching for Australia’s most elusive marsupial

If you’ve ever travelled to an Australian desert, you may have been in the presence of one of Australia’s most elusive marsupials. The Anangu people call it the itjaritjari…

Episode 5

The 3-metre worm you will never have seen

Eastern Victoria is home to a strange creature that few have seen and even fewer have researched. You may be able to hear its gurgles under the ground…

Episode 6

Our rare tiny marsupial, hanging on in the mountains

When we think of the effects of climate change it’s easy to focus on rising sea levels – but what about the changes happening much higher up? At Mount Hotham in Victoria a unique creature…