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Why do you love nature?

Is it the calming feeling of warm sand between your toes as you step onto the beach? The joyful sound of magpies chortling to each other from the treetops in your neighbourhood? Or the pops of colour appearing in your garden as flowers begin to bloom in spring?

Wild by Nature Short Film Festival celebrates everything we love about Victoria’s incredible natural environment. From your local park or creek, to your favourite wild place to escape the busy city, nature plays an important role in all of our lives.

One of our national icons, the Koala, is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN. Koala populations are decreasing, with land clearing a major current threat and climate change expected to have a high impact.

Submissions now closed

Film submissions for Wild by Nature closed on September 13th.

Got a question? Click here for more information on film submission criteria or email us at [email protected]

Festival Screening Event

Spending time in nature can be really important during these difficult times. But we know that accessing nature right now can be a challenge. Our Wild by Nature Short Film festival is a great opportunity to connect with our local environment and enjoy the natural beauty of Victoria. 

Due to current restrictions in Victoria, we have made the decision to hold our Wild by Nature Short Film Festival screening event online in early November. 

Film finalists will be screened online, with awesome prizes awarded to the winning entrants from each age division. 

The event will be free. 

Details on the screening event are coming soon. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

Age divisions & prizes

Pobblebonk Prize

primary age, 12 and under

Swamp Skink Prize

secondary age, 13 to 18 years

Black Swan Prize

over 18

The winner of the Pobblebonk Prize will receive a $1000 voucher for a wildlife experience with Zoos Victoria.

The winner of the Swamp Skink Prize will receive a $1000 voucher for video production gear, plus a hands-on workshop with the Remember The Wild productions team to finesse your nature filmmaking skills.

The winner of the Black Swan Prize will receive $3000 cash.


Films must address at least one of the following themes:

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