Remember The Wild recently produced a documentary film on the endangered Plains-wanderer.

The film explores the bird’s evolutionary uniqueness, conservation status and the human stories behind saving the species from extinction.

By focusing on the Plains-wanderer as a flagship species, the film also shines a light on the greater issues surrounding conservation of native grasslands and the other species that inhabit them. Importantly, the film is the first of its kind to feature cinema-grade footage of the Plains-wanderer.


Storytelling with impact

The next step is to screen The Plains-wanderer in the rural communities that share their home with these enigmatic, precious birds. We are developing an engagement campaign with the film partners to ensure The Plains-wanderer is delivered with maximum impact.

You can help us take the film to the communities who will benefit most, and who can have the biggest impact on the species’ survival, as well as that of its grassland ecosystem.

Make a one off donation or join our Friends of The Wild program today.

The film is being produced in collaboration with key groups and individuals involved in Plains-wanderer conservation,  including: